President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to North Florida Compensation and Benefits! We hope you find the information relevant and clear. Our board and committee members are committed to you and your professional development. With the New Year and assuming the helm of this great organization, I would like to take this opportunity to lay out my vision for our membership.

A mentor once told me the mark of a professional is determined by what they contribute to the profession and to that end, my vision for our organization is to engage you as members to excel as professionals. We currently have great programs for learning presented by experts in their fields and I would like to see us build on this by sharing our expertise as practitioners either through presentation and/or writing. Our WorldatWork partnership provides us untapped potential for articles, white papers, and presentations. We have also been working to partner with other local professional organizations to further develop opportunities to contribute back to the profession. The opportunities are many and my unabashed challenge to our membership is to take them.

I want to thank our past board members and presidents for setting us up for success and thank you as members for your trust and support over the years. 2019 is going to be a great year and I look forward to serving you in your professional growth.


Kevin Ambuehl

 North Florida Compensation and Benefit Association

PO Box 5802

3000 Spring Park Road

Jacksonville, FL  32207-9998

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