Managing Millennials

  • 05/26/2016
  • 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
  • University Center @ UNF


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Managing Millennials

Wondering how to deal with the youngest generation currently in the workforce? Trying to figure out how to talk to someone who prefers texts? Contemplating why they don't seem to have a "work ethic" and don't want to stay late like others have before them?

Welcome to working with Millennials. Also known as Generation Y, they bring a unique approach to the work-life balance and have changed the landscape of how technology is used and expected to be used in the corporate world. They have even redefined acceptable benefits and compensation issues not to mention tenure of positions!

U.S. Labor statistics now show that Millennials are the largest generation in the workforce -and we're going to discuss how this changes your benefits, compensation communications and management styles in your business. Diverse employees bring new ideas and new challenges, and we'll look at how different communication styles have brought changes to nearly every aspect of the workplace. 

  • Reviews - annually, quarterly, or monthly? Or at all?
  • Benefits – will our standard offerings fit their needs?
  • Social Media Policies - Do you have one? Has it been updated?
  • Dress Code requirements - Have you made changes to retain talent or keep a certain look in your workplace?
  • Flex-time - Work/life balance is a forerunner in many conversations with Millennials, but does everyone like it?

These issues can help to define you as a dinosaur or an employer of choice for tomorrow's generation!

Join Megan Richardson, PHR and Director of Consulting for DCSI, to learn how to communicate and understand the Millennials in your office.

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